“The woman’s self defense class was super informative! There were ALOT of ladies there, but yet we were all able to get attention from the sensais. The wine, cheese, and chocolates were great too! Thanks for reaching out and being a very giving part of the community. Great things are happening at Isshinryu.”


“I was so glad to find the PA Isshinyru Karate program. Drove by one night on my way to pick up my child from after school and saw all the lights on and the parking lot packed with parked vehicles. I observed how Tim and Chris are great with the students and allowed my child to audit 3 classes before making a commitment. Now, My child is so excited to attend class each day. I hope he stays interested so that he benefits from the long term personal development the Tiger program will achieve.”


“Great place to bring your children. They are very patient and great with kids of all ages 3 and up. If your looking for a place to bring your kids this is the place.”


“Great place to bring your kids, they all have a lot of patience and know how to teach the kids well. My son loves it here and looks forward to going every day.”


“I have to give applause for a great school. Tim, Chris, and Jeff are great instructors showing patience with newer students and expertise to carry those same students through the years. An affordable friendly family environment with ample parking makes this school a home run for anyone wanting to give their child self-confidence, discipline, and focus. Not to forget their exceptional auxiliary staff that will give support to those children needing it making any day the right day to jump in and join.”


Martial Arts Classes In Bushkill And East Stroudsburg

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